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What exactly is remote monitoring & protection?

Fully Remote & Automated

These services are fully remote and automated, meaning there is ZERO interruption to your productivity! 


  • Monitor Hardware
  • Error Checking
  • Security Compliance Checks
  • UPS Monitoring
  • Easy Support Access
  • Live Chat w/ Tech's
  • Automated Emails/Reports
  • 24/7 Operation
  • Much More!

500 +


4262 +

Alerts Detected

1000 +

Threats Mitigated

880 +

Automations Run

Key Features

24/7 Asset Monitoring

Asset monitoring services utilize modern software to communicated regularly with your computer to monitor, inspect and detect device related issues that are visible from a software level.

  • Blue Screen Crash Detection
  • Antivirus Status Check
  • Firewall Compliance Check
  • Device Manager Issues
  • Event Log Monitoring
  • UPS Monitoring


Hard Drive Monitoring

Hard drives unfortunately do not last forever, and it’s usually unknown as to when they will die. However, thanks to manufacturer standards and advanced software tools that we provide, we can detect early signs of drive failures. With this capability, we can often prevent disasters from occurring during production hours and mitigate issues ahead of time.

  • Hard Drive SMART Failure Detection
  • Disk Fragmentation Check
  • Low System Disk Alerts

Easy Access to Support

We find many of our customers like to reach out when they have questions or concerns, however not all MSPs make this easy. We however have introduced a wonderful tool that makes that much easier! At any point, you can just go to your task bar and…

  • Open a ticket for support
  • Live Chat with a technician
  • Request a call back
  • Visit our website!
  • More features that are regularly introduced

Advanced Threat Protection

Our threat protection software uses some very cutting edge features that provide a high degree of protection as well as automated remediation. What this means for your users is that no action will be required on their part aside from good security practices in their daily use! Our software will block and remove threats as soon as it finds them.

  • Realtime Dual Engine Scanning
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Banking Trojan Protection
  • Bot/Backdoor Protection
  • Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) Protection
  • Daily Deep Scans

Automated Remediation & Protection

Being able to detect and alert with all these amazing tools is amazing, but we want to take that to the next level! Our platform provides us the insight and data needed to automatically remediate most issues we detect, as well as automatically remove threats. We can also manage automatic updates and make security compliance a breeze!

  • Automated Quarintine of Threats
  • Automatic Incident Response
  • Automatic Windows Updates
  • Automatic Alert Emails
  • Automated Reports to You
  • AI Driven Response Methodology

Protect Assets and Data

Server Protection

Servers are key tools in any business environment, and they need to be protected as best as they can be!

Endpoint Protection

Computers and workstations are the primary targets for phishing attacks and various other threats. Stay protected!

Data Protection

All of these features result in one thing: your data stays safer so you can sleep better!

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